Stromer ST1

Stromer ST1 Platinum and Elite

Life and Style: Together at Last

Years of obsessive Swiss design and engineering have led to the creation of the Stromer ST1: a compelling new standard for what you expect from an e-bike. Discover how the style of this capable and infinitely modular platform offers a new lease on urban transportation and the sheer joy of riding a bicycle.

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The Stromer Interface is an intuitive control panel. Tune power dispersion and monitor ride information at the touch of a button. Monitor battery charge level, engage regenerative braking and view your current speed, how far you have traveled, and even how long you have been on the road for. Change the current mode of your ST1 and even engage boost mode – riding a bike has never been easier.


The Stromer ST1 is equipped with a brushless, direct-current motor in the rear hub that is powered by the rider. The ST1’s motor is available in three powerful configurations: Mountain 25 which produces a smooth and strong ride while still being economical, Mountain 33 for meeting the requirements of high-torque rides that involve climbing or payload towing, and Power 48 which delivers the ST1’s maximum speed of 45kph, making small work of variable terrain. This version is the Platinum cost is $4249.00.

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17", 20"


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