Aventon Pace 350 Step Through and Top Bar


The Aventon Pace 350 Step Through eBike offers an amazing combination of comfort and power. With a 350w motor, you won’t have trouble with hills in your neighborhood, and the upright riding position helps you stay comfortable during the entire ride. Order yours now!


  • Throttle on demand
  • 350w motor
  • Five levels of pedal assist
  • Upright frame design

If you’ve never ridden an eBike, but you want something with power, this Aventon Pace 350 is a great choice. You can take it around the block, run errands with it, or use it as your daily commuter bike! It offers everything you need, and with a max speed of 20mph, you’ll get where you’re going in no time.


  • One eBike
  • Optional integrated lights
  • Multiple color choices
  • Hub drive



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