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Superior Protection, Minimal Size

The U-Mini 40 packs a lot of lock into a small package. This little lock is small enough to carry on your belt but strong enough for city and campus use. Recommended for securing high quality bikes, the U-Mini 40 is comprised of hardened steel and has a double locking body. Given the ‘Sold Secure’ and ‘Ice Spray Tested’ stamps of approval, this U-Lock offers guaranteed security and peace of mind for even the most serious riders.

Double Locking Security

Made of high quality, 14mm temper hardened steel, the U-Mini 40 features the same through-body shackle technology as its big brother, the Super Ultimate, for outstanding torsion resistance. The shackle double bolts into the lock body and has been ice-spray tested as well for even more protection.

Level 11 Safety Rating

Given a level 11 safety rating, the U-Mini 40 offers great protection at high theft risk areas. Featuring 14mm hardened steel, double bolting lock body and premium cylinder with protection from manipulations like lock picking, the U-Mini 40 is perfect for securing high quality bicycles.

Pocket Sized Protection

Coming in at only 5.5 inches wide and weighing only 980 grams, the U-Mini 40 can easily be fit in your back pocket, around your belt or in your bag, giving you hassle free peace of mind. Its ergonomic shape allows easy handling and its innovative housing cover with ‘soft touch’ properties prevent paintwork damage.


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