eBike Fleet Program

An electric bike fleet can make your organization & the world a better place!

How it works

  • Step 1

    Call 303-532-2879 or email tom@smallplanetebikes.com.
  • Step 2

    We'll schedule a time to demonstrate various bikes with your employees at your location and nail down an appropriate fleet for your needs.
  • Step 3

    When we deliver the fleet, we will fit the individual riders, provide care and use training, and introduce optional upgrades for lighting, security, luggage, thorn protection, etc.

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Innovative companies such as Google, Jimmy Johns, and Natural Habitat Adventures have already joined the eBike revolution with corporate fleets.


Commuting on an eBike, or taking one to lunch, invigorates and improves health and productivity.


Commuting by eBike decreases air and noise pollution while saving money and eliminating traffic jams.

eBike Fleet Examples

As more fossil-fuel-burning vehicles cram onto our roads, congestion increases, commutes get slower and more frustrating, and that monstrous brown cloud hanging over Boulder gets bigger and uglier every year. The Longmont and Lyons police departments have gone electric to improve their mobility and response times in cities and parks, while reducing costs and environmental impacts. Honestly, is a dirty, inefficient, internal combustion engine still your best mode of transportation? An eBike can get around 2,000MPGe and is perfectly suitable for most commutes. Why not stop burning fossil fuel and start burning calories and fat instead? A simple change can significantly reduce your contribution to the ugly brown cloud that hovers over this part of our small planet.

One of our customers lost over 75lbs after he stopped driving commercial trucks and started delivering for Uber on his eBike. Jimmy Johns now provides zero emission deliveries to customers in Boulder and Estes Park with fleets of Aventon eBikes. Could your organization's health, image, and bottom line benefit in similar ways? How much could you save in vehicle registration fees, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and repairs? Could burning fat and calories instead of fuel make your delivery team happier, healthier, and more efficient? Why not put a spark in your deliveries with a fleet of electric bikes!

Improve Your Bottom Line and the Health of Your Workforce Join innovative companies like Google by providing electric bikes to your employees and visiting clients. The availability of a bike fleet can significantly benefit corporate sustainability as well as employee incentive and well-being initiatives. Encouraging employees to commute to work, navigate corporate campuses, make small deliveries and travel to lunch by bike instead of by car is healthy, functional, and fun. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over $9 billion dollars in workplace productivity are lost every single year in the U.S. due to illnesses which are mostly preventable with daily exercise and better nutrition. Burning calories and fat instead of fossil fuels can make a big difference in the lives of your employees and your bottom line.