Longmont / Boulder Location

Take care of our planet. It's the only one with bicycles.

Our Mission

  • It's simple, really...carbon emissions are killing us and our planet, our roads are congested with vehicles that are pumping those emissions into the air and creating a frenzy of fast-paced frustration in our over-crowded transportation system. Meanwhile, our bike lanes and bike trails are wide open and free of exhaust and bad-tempered motorists. Our mission is to get people to "Ditch the Car" and "Go by Bike." Or better yet, "Go by eBike!"

Downtown Longmont

724 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501

Our Longmont Electric Bikes location just outside of Boulder is our 1st and original eBike shop. We started there because that is where we live. The staff there has grown organically simply by attracting people interested in electric transportation, eBikes and promoting alternative electric transportation over fossil fueled autos. We have been involved in getting eBikes accepted both legally and culturally in Boulder County and the city. The city of Boulder has bought several eBikes from Small Planet eBikes to be used by their staff. The county of Boulder has promoted Small Planet eBikes the company as well as eBikes as transportation throughout the county. The beauty of Boulder Valley and the progressive culture is perfect for the mission and goals of Small Planet eBikes.

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