Why Should I Buy an electric bike?

An ebike is a bike only more effective, more fun, and the best sustainable transportation on the Small Planet Earth! The most efficient machine known is now even better. Free Lifetime Tune Ups when you buy from Small Planet Ebikes. Life is Short - so time to say Hello Fun Hello Fitness! 

An Ebike has an electric motor and battery that assists and amplifies the rider's effort - resulting in faster, farther, more frequent, and fun rides - and less sweat.The most effective and popular use for ebikes is daily commuting. One study shows that cyclist commuters are 6 times healthier than other commuters. Exchanging the car for an ebike also results in cleaner air, less pollution and less automobile congestion. Electric bikes have also earned popularity in pure fun recreation, hauling cargo and kids, touring, with baby boomers, mountain biking, and weight loss and fitness strategies - ebikes are an anti-aging machine. 

Warning - Ebikes can be addicting! Take a test ride today and change your life.      Small Planet EBikes offers the best and largest electric bike and electric bicycle accessory selection on this part of planet earth. Get to where you are going happy!