Electric Bicycles: Transportation for a Small Planet

Automobiles have been the primary mode of transportation for too many years. Fortunately there is now a revolution happening around the world. Many cities and neighborhoods are redesigning their infrastructure so that it encourages and welcomes pedestrians and bikers and discourages cars. Cycling is now mass transport and must be treated as such - this is a fortunate and welcome cultural shift. This culture shift mitigates pollution, congestion, noise and frustrating traffic. Furthermore, it has been proven that when the infrastructure encourages bikers instead of cars it improves that local economy considerably. These bikers and pedestrians are also healthier, happier and more likely to stop in local shops and restaurants and promote this healthy revolution!

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike looks like a bicycle. However, the electric drive system supplements or replaces the rider's effort, resulting in faster, farther rides. The rider gets to choose exactly how hard he works, not the terrain. Electric bikes are an extremely versatile form of transportation that can be used for fitness, fun, and the daily commute!

Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, electrics bikes are zero-emission vehicles that can be ridden anywhere bicycles can go. They do not require special licensing, insurance, maintenance (except charging the battery), etc. They can easily achieve speeds of 18 to 30+ mph. Electric bikes provide the best of both worlds: the fun, fitness and flexibility of a bicycle, and the speed and distance of a motor vehicle.

So, Why Go E?


Pedaling an electric bike provides you with the same physical benefits as pedaling a standard bicycle, but you get much more reward (speed and distance) for your effort.  If that final hill on your morning commute used to leave you sweaty and smelling as you entered the office, you can choose to use more electric power to finish the trip. You’ll improve your health by riding more often, knowing that you’ve got a boost ready whenever you need it!


Registration. Insurance. Gas. Oil changes. Tire rotations and balancing. Alignments. Licensing. Parking fees. Speeding tickets. Tolls. The list goes on. A car costs 10 to 40 cents per mile to operate! These real and significant costs associated with owning and operating a car can be completely avoided by "driving" an E bike instead. Operating an electric bike costs almost nothing. 


Taking a shortcut across a field or parking on the sidewalk may be possible with a car, but they’re definitely not legal. In a crunch, e-bikes provide an incredible level of convenience and freedom that cars can’t match. Say goodbye to traffic jams and endless searches for parking spaces and make sure you’re always on time with an electric bike!

The Environment

Our transportation choices have a direct and significant impact on our lives and the world around us. In many areas, cars are the top contributor to pollution. A large percentage of short trips could be accomplished easily on electric bikes.

If we consider the environmental impact of our transportation habits, an electric bike can be a healthy step in the right direction.


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